First of all, I would like to thank you for checking this website.
Its a dedicated website for the Passion that’s grown over the past 25 years. The Journey of this one man through his music has touched millions around the world. I am one among them at the age of 9 heard and loved Roja, a different sound and a beat followed by Super Police that stroked me. Started listening to this Whizkid’s Magic everyday and started my journey of collecting his Music with Cassettes. I was always fascinated by different artworks and continued my journey of collecting one Title with various inlays that also introduced me to different labels, different quality of sound recording. It was my dream to build a Website for this man back in 1999, 2000 as there wasn’t any official Website available portraying his complete work. Since then i always wanted to build one for him and over the years I came across few websites that are Shelved now. One of my favorite Website’s were Satish Subramaniyam/Gopal’s “Rahmanonline” and Swapna’s “Rahmania.net”.

Now, here i am fulfilling my dream of developing a Website for Dr.A.R.Rahman on the Occasion of ‘Completing 25 Years’ in the field of Music as a Composer.